Silvia Barbera

Silvia Barbera Assistant & Music Editor

Born in 1988 in Roma, she studied drums at the International Music Institute in Rome, she graduated from Faculty of Arts and Music in Sapienza University of Literature, after she graduated from Music Performance from the training course Professional Sound Library Engineering and Sound Design organized by the Forum Academy with MidiWare partnership and IITM (Italian Institute for Musical Technologies) from the historians recording studios of the Forum Music Village.

She works with M. Paolo Buonvino as a music assistant and music editor within GoodLab music. She started with the TV series for Rai Tutto può succedere in 2014, Chiedi a papà by Ivan Cotroneo, Sotto copertura – the capture of Zagaria, Non dirlo al mio capo by Giulio Manfredonia, Questo nostro amore anni ’80 by Isabella Leoni, the trilogy I Medici for RaiFiction by Jon Cassar, Ma Mère est folle by Diane Kurys, Les estivants by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Doc – In your hands by Jan Michelini and Fatima by Marco Pontecorvo. In addition, she collaborated with M. Buonvino for the Dior2020 fashion show and the short film Le Mythe Dior by Matteo Garrone.

Also in 2020, she collaborates with Maestro Buonvino for La Notte della Taranta event held in Melpignano.