Titti Smeriglio

Titti Smeriglio Composer/Singer

In 1989 Titti Smeriglio began singing as an interpreter with different formations blues, rock, jazz.

In 2015 she meets GoodLab music, the first Italian workshop of music for images conceived by Paolo Buonvino (founder and supervisor). Along with other musicians from all over Italy, she participates in writing soundtracks for TV movies and television programs. In 2016 some of her songs were used in the 13-episode TV show “Tutto può succedere” broadcast on Rai Uno. In one of the episodes she participates as an actress and sings her song “SE TU” (GoodLab Music). She writes, along with Antongiulio Frulio, Andrea Bellucci and Lele Gambera, the soundtrack of the reality show “Chiedi a papà” broadcast on Rai Tre (GoodLab Music). She also participated in writing the soundtrack for the Reality Show broadcast on RAI 2 “Coppie in attesa” with Emanuele Eraldo Bossi and Lele Gambera (GoodLab Music). In autumn her album “Canzonette d’amore” will be released.